Forest Finance Simplified, 5th Edition / Now Available

The 5th edition of the “Forest Finance Simplified” book by Brooks Mendell is now available. The 5th Edition includes additional content on forest valuation, marginal analysis of forest management decisions and the use of leverage with timberland investments. This book can be purchased on the Forisk “Products” page and also on Amazon.

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Apr 01

2014 Forisk Forecast

The 2014 Forisk Forecast summarizes industry insights and market forecasts through 2023 for timber prices and wood demand in the United States.

Forisk conducts applied research related to timber markets, wood bioenergy, and forest operations.

Our experience and interests focus on better understanding the business of forestry and changes over time in timber-related investments. Forisk’s research supports the management consulting and educational services we provide to senior management and investors in the forest industry, wood bioenergy and timberland investing sectors. Learn more »

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